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Who we are

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Graduated in Genoa in 2001 and enrolled in the Order since 2004,

after training and collaborations with studies in Liguria (Studio Ruggiero, Sergio Cutolo's Hydro-Tec, etc.) my career has matured in the field of pleasure boat design (internal and external) as a freelancer developing both three-dimensional and executive drawings two-dimensional for construction on site.


In 2007, I made my debut in the sector, achieving the Millenium Yacht Design Award with the Sea-Cube 43 '. Then author of the Jaguar 80 '(the latter inherited from our Paolo Caliari's Jaguar 76') and the aggressive Jaguar 72 '(see attached brochure), finally 92'.


The passion for the sea combined with that for Architecture give me the impetus to always maintain the rigor "form-function", while leaving room for a little tantalizing creativity.


From Genoa I moved to Lerici, in the Gulf of Poets where I live and work, continuing my profession of Architect - Interior & Exterior Yacht Design, as well as currently Industrial Design for the "VH2O" in Paris, designing the design of the external casings of machines intended to series production and high technological content.


With the reopening of the "Studio Roberto Angel" in the heart of Lerici, I am making myself available for other possible collaborations or nautical, naval and / or industrial design projects.

About us.

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"Awarded the studio of Roberto Angel, he designs boats that are not forgotten ..."
Millenium Yacht Design Awards 07
"Dear Director ..."
Arch.Roberto Angel
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"Form and Function" 
Yachts Italia
by Maria Roberta Morso
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"Architecture in the sea"
Arch.Roberto Angel
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